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See chapter 10 a port scanner is a tool that sends

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See Chapter 10. A port scanner is a tool that sends out network packets in an attempt to discover weaknesses on systems connected to the network. 170 A sniffer is used to A. Configure network ports on a system B. Discover files and directories that have wide-open permissions C. Capture network traffic for subsequent analysis D. Discover weaknesses in systems Answer: C See Chapter 10. A sniffer captures packets on the network and can store those packets for subsequent analysis. 171 A sniffer program is used by an intruder to See Chapter 10. Sniffer programs perform all the same basic functions of a hardware sniffer, but sniffer programs can be installed and controlled over the network. 172 Which of the following is NOT a security issue regarding single-user mode? See Chapter 10. Network services such as Telnet and FTP are disabled on a system that's in single-user mode. 173 Fraud is a term used to describe
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See Chapter 10. Fraud is an activity that's perpetrated in order to exact personal gain. 174 Denial of Service is A. The result when an administrator disables unnecessary network services B. An attack that prevents legitimate users from being able to use a resource C. What happens when a user lacks sufficient security credentials D. What happens when an intruder sends high volumes of network traffic to a system Answer: B See Chapter 10. Denial of Service (DOS) is an attack that’s intended to disable a server or network so that it can’t service legitimate customers. 175 The purpose of intrusion detection is
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See Chapter 10 A port scanner is a tool that sends out...

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