Waste nothing theres so much to celebrate have so

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WASTE NOTHING There's              so much                       to celebrate HAVE  SO-MUCH CELEBRATE Believe in        what                you                     feel  inside  BELIEVE FOLLOW YOURFEELINGS INSIDE-HEART
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And give       your dreams  the wings  to       fly YOUR  VISUALIZATION GO-AHEAD     DREAM DREAM You  have  everything  you need YOU HAVE    EVERYTHING KNOW TRUTH CLEAR If you  just  believe IF       GO-AHEAD BELIEVE Trains  move                quickly                    to their                     journey's end TRAINS  FAST CL:3 (2 hands)  END     ARRIVE           CL:3 (2 hands) Destinations  are where we begin  again ADVENTURE   FINISH WE   BEGIN AGAIN CL:3 (2 hands) Ships        go  sailing  far across the sea BOATS THERE-Open B OCEAN BOAT-SAILING # Trusting starlight
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WASTE NOTHING Theres so much to celebrate HAVE SO MUCH...

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