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week 6 assignment 1 keeven christiansen com155

Ii subdetails with online schooling the student

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ii. Subdetails: With online schooling the student doesn’t have to worry about dress codes. III. Second main point There are many advantages to online schooling and disadvantages to the learning styles for the student. a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Traditional schooling adds face-to-face interactions with the instructors whereas online schooling that’s not available. ii. Subdetails: Advantages to online students in terms of technology depend on the preferred learning style of the student. Students who prefer online classes may find that online learning fits their learning style. b. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Concerning traditional schooling the student gets hands on experience where online students don’t get hands on experience. ii. Subdetails: Convenience is one of the major advantages that online schooling so that the student learns at their own pace without unyielding time restriction that you would have with traditional schooling. IV. Third main point There are major advantages of online schooling and traditional schooling and how they work for every student’s situation. a.
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ii Subdetails With online schooling the student doesnt have...

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