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Monday april 29 final exam 1245 245pm examination

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Monday April 29: Final exam (12:45-2:45pm)* * Examination room for the final will be announced during the last week of classes. Students must not make travel, employment or other plans that may conflict with the date chosen for this examination and any such conflict will not be accepted as grounds for writing a makeup examination. In the case of exam conflicts, he/she must inform the instructor at least two weeks prior to the final and present sufficient information, i.e., exam schedules of all the courses that are in conflict with this final and the contact information for the instructors of those courses. The makeup examination will be given after the final exam.
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Grading Scheme : The final course grade will be based on the following: 2 midterm exams - 100 points for each midterm exam* Final exam - 120 points** * Students who miss both midterm exams will fail this course. If a student misses one midterm exam, he/she must inform the instructor at least one day prior to the exam and present a certified medical note within 3 days of the exam date. In this case the final exam will be adjusted by multiplying the grade by (100+120)/120=1.83. A student who does not produce a medical note in time will be assigned a grade of 0 and the grade from the final exam will not be adjusted. There will be no make-up for both
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Monday April 29 Final exam 1245 245pm Examination room for...

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