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Kevin Personal responsibility Rough Draft

I am in a position of self reliance and freedom that

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realization of personal responsibility, it gave me independence. I am in a position of self-reliance and freedom that I did not have before, it is liberating to know that I am the one in control of my life and how I react to what it throws my way. I have been using college as a time to explore personal responsibility and expand on the skills I have been learning.
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As I have been progressing through college and facing difficult situations, most I have put myself into, I have learned a few areas of improvement for my personal responsibility. My freshman year was a year of learning very tough lessons. I learned college success is reliant heavily on the choices I make. Nobody is there to make sure my work gets done; it is my responsibility. College professors assume a degree of personal responsibility from their students, unlike the constant watchful eye of teachers in high school. (Basilspice.com, 2010) Taking personal responsibility for what needs to get done and stepping up to the plate to make sure what is expected of me is completed, and completed to the standards expected or higher. Personal responsibility and success in college go hand in hand. The raw materials to be successful in college are in me, understanding and molding the materials are my next step to success.
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