Healthcare Communications and Patient Counseling Syllabus Fall 2012_8_27_12 (8)

8 second chance option students who wish to invoke

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8. Second chance option Students who wish to invoke the Second Chance option should refer to the JSP Student Handbook for the policy and procedure related to this process. The format of the Second Chance option for Healthcare Communications and Patient Counseling will consist of a standardized patient practical composed of two patient cases. P. Compliance with College policies 1. This course will adhere to the Code of Conduct and Academic Policies and Procedures (Grading System, Academic Integrity, Confidentiality of Student Records, Disability Accommodations, Add/Drop/Withdrawal, Grade Appeal Protocol, Registration, etc.) as contained in the Jefferson School of Pharmacy 2011-2012 Student Handbook. 2. Exam Policies and Procedure: Please refer to the document posted on Blackboard regarding JSP’s policies and procedures for students taking exams. 3. Registration Status: Students are responsible for the status of their registration at all times. The instructor will advise that a change in status has occurred when so informed by the College/University. Only students who are properly registered and who appear on the official class roster can remain in this course and earn credit and receive a grade. 4. Class cancellations : Cancellations due to weather or other emergency will be announced on KYW AM radio (school closing number: day 173, night 2173), on the TJU emergency hotline (1-800-858-8806).
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Week Date Lecture/Activity Faculty Assignment Brief Synopsis Weekly lab activity 1 9/10 Course Orientation Pharmacy patient counseling Leon DUE: Review the slide decks on patient-centered care and interpersonal communication and email / phone etiquette Home assignments 1 and 2 due at the beginning of lab What questions should you ask when interviewing a patient? What type of information do they need when being counseled on pharmacotherapy? Ice breaker Go over home assignments 1 and 2 Draft e-mail exercise 2 9/17 Interviewing strategies Leon How to ask the questions that you need to ask; what factors to consider when talking to a patient. Peer interviewing activity 3 9/24 Transtheoretical Model of health behavioral change Carter What “state of change” is the patient in regarding the health behavior you want them to change Review videos from previous student standardized patient encounters 4 10/1 Basics of Motivational Interviewing Leon How to talk to a patient to illicit behavioral change Patient counseling role play (smoking cessation) 5 10/8 Listening and empathy Umland By connecting with people you can hear what they are really saying, avoid stereotyping, improve health outcomes and increase job satisfaction Empathy Role play activity 6 10/15 Medication safety Schafer Patients get hurt and medical errors occur because of common communication pitfalls Patient counseling “fish bowl” (smoking cessation) 7 10/22 Midterm exam Leon Patient counseling role play (cold/cough/allergy) 8 10/29 Conflict and barriers to
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Healthcare Communications and Patient Counseling Syllabus Fall 2012_8_27_12 (8)

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