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I picked this chicken up by chance in marsh on

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for about 4 hours. I picked this chicken up by chance in Marsh on discount, so it was pretty cheap. I try to stay away from anything that looks too manufactured, but it is pretty much impossible. I also boiled and mashed some potatoes and sautéed some green beans to go on the side. The chicken part of this whole meal it what brings it all together, but is also chicken that has been haunting me this week, mostly because of the readings from Striffler’s book. It is interesting that like the pig, chicken was also once seen as a meat only eaten by the lower class, but grew into a booming industry, mostly due to World War II. Since then, the chicken industry grew into a huge corporate fiasco, started by people, like Jesse Jewell, who began to connect the industry and then manufacture it on a large scale. In the modern era, I find it the chicken industry pretty appalling from what we have read in Striffler’s book. Not only are living conditions of the poultry completely awful, but also the chicken growers and many of the other laborers in the chicken manufacturing industry seem to always get the short end of the stick. The chicken growers are completely at the mercy of the chicken corporations. They do all the labor of feeding, watering and taking care of the chickens, but still end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, which is astounding to me and seems more like a scam than a
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business. While I am grateful to be able to go to the grocery store and get chicken to cook, I feel almost guilty in my role as consumer that allows the is chain to continue.
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I picked this chicken up by chance in Marsh on discount so...

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