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Communication through social media does not allow us

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Communication through social media does not allow us to have the experience of communicating with others on a personal level. If social media is the only way we communicate, it makes sense that over time we will lose those natural skills of communication that we all learn at an early age. Social unrest has always been present in the Middle Eastern world, but social networking has been a part of our lives for only a few years. You cannot help thinking that social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter could be useful to those who lead uprisings in those countries. With these tools, citizens have the ability to spread news, plan protests, and upload pictures and video for distribution within a matter of minutes. Strong government control in these countries attempt to detect and eliminate harmful use of these tools, knowing that a viral spread of information can lead to serious complications (Rathbone, 2011). Most of today’s news is spread over social media sites. Many people leave for work early and come home late not allowing the time to watch the news. Because of these schedules we keep, most news worthy information is learned on social media sites. It is a quick avenue of learning the latest news anywhere you might be.
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It is easy for us to be negative and to only acknowledge the bad things that can come from social media. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Larry Rosen has warned us of some possible bad effects that could occur; he also says that for some, the effects can be good. There are individuals who find it difficult to communicate with others by phone or face-to-face. In these instances, social media can become a tool that they can use to express what they normally cannot through standard communication avenues. Social media allows them the time to think clearly about what they want to say and to express the emotions that they normally could not express. When using social media, there tends to be more support and acceptance from peers through social media. This could in fact boost an individual’s self-esteem allowing them to be more confident (Research Confirms Social, 2011). Social Media in the Business World We now examine social media and how it is used in the business world. More and more businesses today are seeing social media as an avenue for advertising their goods and services. With one post, your advertisement will be seen by a wealth of people. Businesses are also using Facebook pages for not only information about their products and services, but also as an avenue to provide coupons and discounts to new and loyal customers. This is a quick and convenient way for the consumer to find savings and the business to reach hundreds of people at a time. This type of advertising can reach many people and cost almost nothing to use. Businesses today would be smart to take advantage of these types of communication avenues.
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When you first mention the words social media, most everyone would agree that the first thing that pops into their minds is socializing with friends and family. Upon
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Communication through social media does not allow us to...

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