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The new fuel thing

Daimlerchrysler and toyota have put a fewfuel ~ cell

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Unformatted text preview: DaimlerChrysler and Toyota have put a fewfuel ~ cell buses in serVice / and Hopda has leased one fuel-ce~~powered car, but . GM has gone farther than any of its rivals to develop a car that bums no gas ; pro- . duces no harmful emissions-and that . normal people wouldiJ.Tmind driving. It has akeady invested $1billion in the program. and might spend another bib lion before itgetsa fuel " cellcar into Dlass prod~ction. Afterlosing $10 : 6 billion in 2005 , itis a wondetthat th~ < :ompanycan afford it, But GMViee chlPnnan Bob Lutz is soenthusiastig ili.athe is\\'illing to de- lay~?nventionaInew mocielstogetaflIel- . ..' . cell par intoprodlictiq~' i "Ws agjse . chan~rr,":Lutzsays . . . · ·· i ..> . . Th~ . neit step is for (JMtoinst~lli~s . fueI- . ceH powe ~ tJ:ain iIitqthe famiIi~r Che h . . . • . E quin6x . crossovi £ v . e . : . hi . " cle.Leade u with the . fuetstack, elect t ic motor , 3 J J . d high-pressurehydtogen fueltan) c s " "7"ali~- tie bigger than the ones scuba mvers wellr • . . . .. thesev~hicles",il~weigh590 ponndsmore thana standllrdEquilI?x. Otherwise , they will look and feel almost exac tl y the same. Next year, GM will lease · 110fuel-cell- equipped Equinoxes to individuals. The Sequel is in the testing stage. Still, itisthe ... most emphatic statement yet fmlll (iM that it sees developing iiItematives to gasa- line engines asa prerequ.isite for staying in biIsiness . . c·, That's because change is in the air-literally. In · 2004, Galiforniaa . dopte c l . .. regulations that limit greeIihouse-gasemissions from automobiles; several Northeastern states have c followed suit. And with Western Europe already committed through the Kyoto Protocol to reduc- ing its greenhouse-gas emissions-ofwhich car- bon monoxide spewed from tailpipes is the most common-the economic climate is changing in a way...
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