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Control value for qc level 1 indicated that the

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control value for QC level 1 indicated that the results were unacceptable for it was outside of two standard deviations. The acceptable range for the QC level 1 was between 6.89 g/dl and 7.21 g/dl and the mean was 7.05 g/dl, and the value that was obtained was 13.124 g/dl; there is too great a variability in these results.. Perhaps, there were measurement errors with the reagent volumes or pipetting errors. Or perhaps, the cuvettes and the pipettes were unclean. Since both the QC results did not fall within two standard deviations of the reference ranges, the patient results cannot be verified and given to the doctor. The reference range for total protein is 6.5 to 8.3 g/dl, so the patient’s results are low. However, one must keep in consideration when dealing with reference ranges that 2.5% of the patient results will fall above the range and 2.5% of the patient results will also fall below the range when the acceptable results are within two standard deviations. Although these results are unacceptable, if it were to be accepted, the patient may be diagnosed with renal disease, malnutrition, or dehydration.
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