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Foreign trading gross receipts form 8873 p

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Foreign trading gross receipts Form 8873 P Extraterritorial income exclusion Form 8873 Q Other foreign transactions See the Shareholder’s Instructions 15. Alternative minimum tax (AMT) items A Post-1986 depreciation adjustment } See the Shareholder’s Instructions and the Instructions for Form 6251 B Adjusted gain or loss C Depletion (other than oil & gas) D Oil, gas, & geothermal—gross income E Oil, gas, & geothermal—deductions F Other AMT items 16. Items affecting shareholder basis A Tax-exempt interest income Form 1040, line 8b B Other tax-exempt income } See the Shareholder’s Instructions C Nondeductible expenses D Distributions E Repayment of loans from shareholders 17. Other information A Investment income Form 4952, line 4a B Investment expenses Form 4952, line 5 C Qualified rehabilitation expenditures (other than rental real estate) See the Shareholder’s Instructions D Basis of energy property See the Shareholder’s Instructions E Recapture of low-income housing credit (section 42(j)(5)) Form 8611, line 8 F Recapture of low-income housing credit (other) Form 8611, line 8 G Recapture of investment credit See Form 4255 H Recapture of other credits See the Shareholder’s Instructions I Look-back interest—completed long-term contracts See Form 8697 J Look-back interest—income forecast method See Form 8866 K Dispositions of property with section 179 deductions } See the Shareholder’s Instructions L Recapture of section 179 deduction M Section 453(l)(3) information N Section 453A(c) information O Section 1260(b) information P Interest allocable to production expenditures Q CCF nonqualified withdrawals R Depletion information—oil and gas S Amortization of reforestation costs T Section 108(i) information U Other information
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