Question 16 5 5 pts the study of changes in behavior

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Question 16 5 / 5 pts The study of changes in behavior from conception to death encompasses gerontology.
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Question 17 5 / 5 pts Distress displayed by infants separated from their parents or caregivers is called
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Question 18 5 / 5 pts The bedtime distress that occurs when babies are left alone at night can sometimes be eased by a(n) _____, such as a stuffed animal or favorite blanket.
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7 WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT scaffolding object transformational distraction Question 19 5 / 5 pts Each cell possesses 46 _____ that are responsible for all the genetic information passed from parents to children. genes Correct! chromosomes zygotes gametes
Question 20 5 / 5 pts Children who were raised in overcrowded Romanian orphanages and got almost no attention from adults for the first year or two of their lives exhibited which of the following behaviors when adopted by American and Canadian families?
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