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DB Forum 2 - Wilson, Lisa

Obviously the corporation will need to overcome the

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Obviously, the corporation will need to overcome the language barrier that will most likely exist when breaking into a non-English speaking part of the world. Additionally, some countries in the east have many symbolic meanings that Americans are not typically accustomed to. For example, Estee Lauder produces specialty compacts which can be adorned with many different things such as an American flag, a colorful flower, or a parrot. There may be many of these decorative compacts that eastern countries would find offensive. We Americans usually do not give much thought or meaning to something simple like a flower; however, in a country such as China, many items are extremely symbolic, including flowers. The Chinese culture puts a great deal of thought into symbolism and colors (Koehn, 1952, p.122). There are certain restrictions in Iran that prevent women from wearing makeup (Alarabiya , 2009 ) . This would be an essential piece of information to know upon concluding research. Therefore, Estee Lauder would find it advantageous to conduct thorough cultural research before breaking into a new country. The second vital variable is the economic variable. This variable consists of the economic structure, condition of the economy, and monetary exchange rates (Kerin et al., 2011,
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Uncontrollable Marketing Variables p. 147-148). These variables must be taken into account due to these conditions having a significant effect in a country Estee Lauder is seeking to conduct business in. Lastly, the political-regulatory variable must be considered (Kerin et al., 2011, p. 148-
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Obviously the corporation will need to overcome the...

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