a First lets remove the previously created table DROP TABLE CustomerT CASCADE

A first lets remove the previously created table drop

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a. First let’s remove the previously created table: DROP TABLE Customer_T CASCADE CONSTRAINTS; It is recommended to always have a delete command before creating a table. Any table you created in previous sessions remains in your profile folder on Oracle database. You may not remember creating it and you will have an error message if you try to create something that already exist. In addition, the previously created table may have some constraint linking it to other tables, such as referential integrity constraints. You should therefore get a habit to add CASCADE CONSTRAINTS as part of your drop statement. b. Grab the Computer Lab with Oracle.zip file from iLearn and unzip it. From the Practice 1 folder, grab the file named P1Create.txt. It should contain the following set of SQL statement creating 4 tables with a set of referential integrity constraint between them. Observe the DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE in Order_T. It allows you to use your machine current date as default value.
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