Each system produces a diagnostic trouble code dtc

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micro processors are connected to the Volvo cloud network. Each system produces a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) when it detects a problem with the car. Errors that require immediate attention will trigger the Service Engine Soon light. “Trouble codes are typically stored in the engine control units (ECU) until the vehicle requires scheduled maintenance or repair. At the dealership, a service technician connects an analyzer to the vehicle and reads out the stored codes from the ECU’s to guide his troubleshooting and repair efforts.” At a Volvo dealership, the codes are then uploaded to a central database at Volvo headquarters, where they form a global reference on all mechanical and electrical failures occurring in all Volvo models over time. Vital information is reported back to the business analysts. Volvo’s mission is for customers to feel safe in their products. The purpose of having a high tech computer system in their cars is to help the customer predict maintenance issues before
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they occur. Volvo Car Corporation has integrated a cloud infrastructure into its networks to connect each car. The data gathered will be stored at the Volvo data warehouse. Volvo has analysts on had to interpret that data that is sent from each vehicle. Being able to follow each car is a great way to extend customer service. Being able to find problems with a vehicle before they exist is great as well. That is another way to keep the customer safe and informed of what I going on with their vehicle. Volvo’s philosophy on using a cloud infrastructure is “there is a compelling opportunity to turn that resource into something that not only helps us build better cars, but also helps the customer have a better experience.”
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Each system produces a diagnostic trouble code DTC when it...

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