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SYLLABUS UP 201 spring 2013

Students that arrive late for the mid term andor

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Students that arrive late for the mid-term and/or final exam will not be allowed to take the exam if a completed exam has been submitted before the late student arrives to class . A make-up FINAL EXAM will NOT BE APPROVED for students that leave campus before the scheduled time of the final exam for this class. Students caught cheating on quizzes, the midterm, and/or the final exam will receive a 0.0 for that quiz or exam, and possibly for the course as well. COURSE GRADING 4.0 = 90 - 100% 2.0 = 70 - 74 3.5 = 85 – 89 1.5 = 65 - 69 3.0 = 80 – 84 1.0 = 60 - 64 2.5 = 75 – 79 0.0 = less than 60 CLASS POLICY ON ELECRONIC DEVICES
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laptops , notebooks, handhelds, etc.) during class without the express permission of the instructor. Use of cell/smartphones during class time is always prohibited, as is leaving the room to answer or make a call. A student with a diagnosed disability must present to the course instructor the appropriate paperwork in order to work out an accommodation for the use of otherwise prohibited electronic devices. GROUP POWER POINT REQUIREMENT Attendance on group Power Point presentation days is required. Two (2) points will be subtracted from the final course grade (out of 100) for each unapproved absence on group Power Point presentation days. Students will be divided in groups for the Power Point requirement. Each group is required to submit and present a Power Point presentation that “tells a story” about a planning issue/dilemma in the United States. Power Point topics must be approved before the Power Point concept is developed. Group Power Points are due in the course ANGEL Drop Box by 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 27 . Each group will give a 5-8 minute Power Point presentation to the class on designated class days . More information on this requirement will be distributed in a separate handout. Late Power Point submissions will not be accepted . A NOTE ON PLAGIARISM Plagiarism (from the Latin plagiarius , an abductor, and plagiare , to steal) is defined by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on Misconduct in Research as “. . . the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results or words without giving appropriate credit.” Students are expected to do their own, original work on each assignment in each class. A student who recycles his or her course work from one class to another may face an allegation of academic dishonesty ” (MSU Office of the University Ombudsperson). Students that plagiarize will receive a grade of zero (0) on the document in question, and possibly the course as well. University policy REQUIRES faculty to report acts of plagiarism to university administration for probable additional sanctions. Refer to http://www2.lib.msu.edu/research/cite- resources.jsp for appropriate citation methods. READING ASSIGNMENTS
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Students that arrive late for the mid term andor final exam...

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