I extend my thanks to Prof Mrs Manjula MScN PhD my class coordinator and Prof

I extend my thanks to prof mrs manjula mscn phd my

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I extend my thanks to Prof. Mrs. Manjula, M.Sc(N)., Ph.D., my class coordinator and Prof. Mrs. Juliet Sylvia, M.Sc(N)., Ph.D., my 1 st year class coordinator for their encouragement & suggestions through out the study. I record my sincere thanks to Mrs. Induja, M.Sc(N)., Asst. Professor for her suggestions and support given to me throughout the study. I record my sincere thanks to Mr. Velusamy Mani, M.Sc., M.Phil., for excellent touch in the statistical analysis of this study. I thank Mr. Thirunavukarasu, M.Sc., Librarian and Mrs. Jotheeswari, Sacred Heart Nursing College, Madurai for their extending support through out the study. I am thankful to Mr. P. V. Prakash, B.Sc., Nilaa Net Café for formatting the content. I remember my beloved Dad, Mum and my beloved Sister Mrs. Deena Suresh, B.Sc(N)., and my brother Mr. Sam Jonathan, B.P.T., for their love, motivation, blessings and prayers for keeping me in high spirit in pursuing this study. It is my pleasure and privilege to express my fervent gratitude and sincere thanks to my father in law Mr. John Cross and my sister in law Mrs. Jeba Salma for their support and prayers.
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My heart full thanks to my husband Mr. J. Livingston and my beloved Son. L. Calvin Bennet for their support and encouragement which come along across the miles. I am very much thankful to all my friends for their immense help and moral support throughout the project. I thank all the participants in this study. I am at loss, if would miss out any one to whom should express my gratitude for their direct and indirect help during the path of this study.
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TABLE O F CONTENTS Chapter No Title Page No I II III INTRODUCTION Background of the study Significance and need for the study Statement of the problem Objectives Hypotheses Operational Definitions Assumptions Delimitations Projected outcomes Conceptual Framework REVIEW OF LITERATURE Overview of adolescents Studies related to electronic gadget excessive use And academic performance Studies related to electronic gadget excessive use And family interaction METHODOLOGY Research Approach Research Design Setting of the study Sample Sampling technique 1-14 1 5 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 15-28 15 20 27 29-35 29 29 29 30 30
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