Site Policy Awareness An IDSs ability to dynamically modify its site policies

Site policy awareness an idss ability to dynamically

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Site Policy Awareness: An IDS’s ability to dynamically modify its site policies in reaction or response to environmental activity. True attack stimulus: An event that triggers alarms and causes an IDS to react as if a real attack is in progress. Attack protocol : is series of steps or processes used by an attacker, in a logical sequence, to launch attack against a target system or network Confidence Value: A value associated with an IDS’s ability to detect and identify an attack correctly. Alarm Filtering: The process of classifying the attack alerts that an IDS produces in order to distinguish/sort false positives from actual attacks more efficiently. Footprinting : Identification of the network architecture and Internet addresses that are owned or controlled by the target organization Doorknob rattling : is an initial estimation of the defensive capabilities and/or state of an organizations networks and system
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