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Organizational Behavior Sexual Harassment

Moreover in 1993 the us supreme court broadened the

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Moreover, in 1993 the U.S. Supreme Court broadened the reach of this law by making it easier to prove injury. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace presents a clear and present danger to businesses. They must now act or face increasing risk of liability. To act wisely, companies need to understand the whole issue of sexual harassment. They need to consider the disturbing statistics behind an often hidden problem, the legal grounds available to victims, the current trends in the law, and the ways that companies can protect themselves. 2. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Describe the scope and severity of the sexual harassment problem.
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Examine the recently strengthened federal law governing sexual harassment in the workplace and suggest policies and procedures for establishing and implementing a sexual harassment policy. 3. ISSUES Quid Pro Quo Hostile Work Environment What Is a Hostile Work Environment? When Is the Employer Liable? 4. LITERATURE REVIEW o Investigate book for information defining the phenomenon of sexual harassment and possible remedies. 5. HOW TO ADDRESS SEXUAL HARRASSMENT Company Policy Companies that want to manage their risk prudently must act before a problem occurs. First, companies need a comprehensive,
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Moreover in 1993 the US Supreme Court broadened the reach...

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