Wolfgang Keller case study

Brodsky had an emphasis on using the administrative

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Brodsky had an emphasis on using the administrative systems to minimize face- to-face contact with subordinates while Keller likes personal relationships – Keller basically didn’t like his management style Brodsky kept personal and professional life separate, which bothered Keller – he was formal and professional – not social Keller is impatient and action-oriented; hands-on Brodsky is analytical and deliberate and preferred to delegate a lot Keller thought Brodsky had poor leadership and personality Keller felt if he had not intervened, that Brodsky would not have gotten task done (redesign sales force organization)
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Annual distributor’s meeting – over half their distributors were not planning to attend – Keller decided to phone all the area managers to devise an action plan; he felt it was critical that the large and powerful distributors from the rural areas come Keller was disturbed by Brodsky’s handling of the distributor’s lawsuit – Keller felt Brodsky didn’t spend enough time with the distributor Brodsky had a lack of judgment and ability: flight to Munich – divided seats in the front to Konigsbrau sales and marketing personnel and back seats to key distributors (causing lack of communication) Brodsky speaks the formal “Vy” instead of “ty” when distributors agreed to used that since Munich Keller interferes with much of what Brodsky does – b/c Brodsky has poor communication skills with customers, while Keller wants good relationships Brodsky hired Zelenko who previously worked with Keller who had a close relationship with – Brodsky accused Keller of picking favorites – giving Zelenko more demand Keller had performance appraisal interviews with all subordinates – didn’t finalize Brodsky’s until Keller came back from Brazil to address the problems and that budget preparation impressed him Antonov wanted Keller to fire Brodsky, but Keller knew it would be hard to find a replacement – Keller had to decide what to do: fire (would need a replacement), not give Brodsky an increase (=price cut, causing Brodsky to think to look for a new job) or give an increase (false idea of performance)
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Brodsky had an emphasis on using the administrative systems...

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