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If billy bob gerdr had children tj list the possible

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if Billy Bob & Gerd'r had children. tJ) List the possible gEnotypes and phenotvpes for the kitjs' ,"' 1; ;"'-ii*;"({[^-'qfd"i )i'h raL{r$r (e) What is r.he probability of kicis with squarepantsr l5 E' {it What is the probability of kids with roundpants't * V' T. Trintpe 2003 ltttp://sciencespot'net/ .q j S ( ili:::.'1pt Bottom Genetics 2 your knowledge of genetics to complete this worksheet' Use the information for SpongeBob's traits to write the phenotype (physical appearance) for each item' (a) LL- lot,\c) - tci nr- QD u nd (u) vv--lolut-- (t) ll- (c) ss- S4Day"( Pat/\lj (d) RR R.,,lrtO (g) ss- Yellow (Y) Oval (r)
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a 5. SpongeBob,s aunt and uncle, SpongeWitma and SpongeWilbur, have the biggest round eyes in the family. Wilma is believed ro be heterorylow for her round eye shape, while Wilbur's family brags that they are a pure line. complete the punnett rqul. to show the possibilities that would result if spongewilma and SpongeW ilbur had children' (a) Give the genotype for each person' wirma P$f wilbur - RR (b) Complete the punnett square to show the possibilities that wouid result if they had children' P R (c) List the possibie genotypes and ph lj { (d) What is the ProbabilitY {e) What is the Probabiliry around town a stubby nose. i:ose'i WliY or h0 res and phenotYPes for the kids.
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