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üü 2 the population of salmon in lake maria has

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üü2.The population of salmon in Lake Maria has remained constant, at around 2,000 for the past10 years. Mr. Trout, the owner of the fishing resort on the lake, wants to increase the numberof salmon available for his clients to catch fishing. He plans to stock the lake with 1,000 moresalmon. Explain to Mr. Trout what will happen to the lake and the salmon population if he adds1,000 extra fish.üüü
Part C – Communication (/7)1.It can be argued that, while not good for the victim, predation has a positive effect on the preyspecies. Provide two reasons to support this statement.üü2. Label the population growth curve shown below and explain what is happening to thepopulation growth at each stage. What is the carrying capacity for this population?üüüüü
Part D – Application (/10)1.Design a sampling experiment that would allow you to estimate the size of the falconpopulation living in Southern Ontarioüüü2. “Human activity has caused many populations of organisms to become fragmented. Theseorganisms now exist in smaller, isolated populations. This process is good for biodiversitybecause speciation is encouraged.” Do you agree? Explain your answer.üüü
3. The graph below shows the population of three different families of marine organisms alongfive different mass extinction events. Each colour on the graph represents a family oforganisms, and the Y axis shows how many species belong to that family.a. What stage of population growth is displayed at point 0 on the graph?b. The extinction event that occurred at point 3 was particularly significant. Using thegraph, explain how this event impacted each marine family.üüc.The extinction events mapped above had significant impact on marine life. What type ofevent could have a similar impact on the human population?üü
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