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Lecture Guide 2

Cell mediated protect against intracellular bacteria

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Cell mediated- protect against intracellular bacteria and kill virus inspected cells. 19. What are the two types of acquired immunity? How are they similar? How are they different? Active- contact with foreign substance Passive- acquired by the passage of antibodies performed in another host 20. Define antigen and epitope. Antigen- a substance that response an immune response when presented in an effective fashion Epitope- subregions of an antigen that are the actual antigenic determinants Haptens- carrier protein that make the immune response to an antigen (or epitope) more effective 21. What are the MHC proteins? Describe the difference between the two classes. MHC1- present in the surface of most cells, intracellular antigens, MHC2- present on macrophage, dendritic, and some B and T-cells, bring fragments that originate in excellular environment.
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22. On which cells are different classes of MHC molecules found? Lymphoid tissue, other nucleated cells and non-nucleated cells. 23. What it the difference between the two major classes of T cells we discussed (CD4+ and CD8+)? CD4- Helper T-Cells = stimulated by MHC2 to present the antigen (APC- extracellular). CD8- Cytotoxin- MCH1, lethal to cells presenting reactive epitopes 24. What are three fates of activated CD4+ T cells? What does it mean to be activated? 1. Effector cells (Th1, Th2)- fight current infection. 2. Memory cells- response in subsequent infections. 3. Regulatory cells- modulate (suppress) the response. 25. How do CTLs kill their target cells? It eliminates virally infected cells. Mechanism similar to compliment. Perforins- help entry of molecules that stimulate apoptosis (programmed cell death.
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Cell mediated protect against intracellular bacteria and...

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