The counselor has facilitated the process rather than direct it or lead it The

The counselor has facilitated the process rather than

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The counselor has facilitated the process rather than direct it or lead it. The counselor has followed the client. I use the term “responsive." The counselor stays in the responsive mode; even in career counseling the counselor stays in the responsive mode. The counselor has not started out by asking a lot of questions, the client thinks, "Well, you are the expert, I'm going to sit here and wait for some more questions about where I'm supposed to go, and what I'm supposed to talk about." The client often comes in thinking you are the expert. Sometimes you have to start the process by what is called "structuring"--explaining what the counselor's role is, how be or she is going to function. Structuring also explains what the client's role is and how she or he is expected to function. In many cases, you do not have to structure specifically. You structure by the way you operate. It is a slower process. The client may not catch on. Then you have to structure more clearly. S.C.F.: What if the client digresses, or seems to overlook relevant aspects of career choice? C.H.P.: In career counseling there are many aspects of a client's life that are relevant, and, in effect, we want to be sure that clients consider all of the elements of their lives that might be relevant to this choice. That is, you want to focus clients on the problem of career choice rather than, say, whether or not they want to get married. Since you want the client to focus on this area, what often happens is that the counselor starts off the interview with a whole series of questions such as, "Now give me your occupation history ... now give me your educational history." That behavior classifies the counselor as the expert. The point is that the counselor does not need such information, because the counselor is not going to make the decision. The client needs the information, and the client has the information, but
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