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Q22 in a certain wildlife park park rangers are able

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q22: In a certain wildlife park, park rangers are able to track the movements of many rhinoceroses because those animals wear radio collars. When, as often happens, a collar slips off, it is put back on. Putting a collar on a rhinoceros involves immobilizing the 22
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animal by shooting it with a tranquilizer dart. Female rhinoceroses that have been frequently recollared have significantly lower fertility rates than uncollared females. Probably, therefore, some substance in the tranquilizer inhibits fertility. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? A. The dose of tranquilizer delivered by a tranquilizer dart is large enough to give the rangers putting collars on rhinoceroses a generous margin of safety. B. The fertility rate of uncollared female rhinoceroses in the park has been increasing in the past few decades. C. Any stress that female rhinoceroses may suffer as a result of being immobilized and handled has little or no negative effect on their fertility. D. The male rhinoceroses in the wildlife park do net lose their collars as often as the park’s female rhinoceroses do. E. The tranquilizer used in immobilizing rhinoceroses is the same as the tranquilizer used in working with other large mammals. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q23: In January of last year the Moviemania chain of movie theaters started propping its popcorn in canola oil, instead of the less healthful coconut oil that it had been using until then. Now Moviemania is planning to switch back, saying that the change has hurt popcorn sales. That claim is false, however, since according to Moviemania’s own sales figures, Moviemania sold 5 percent more popcorn last year than in the previous year. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the argument against Moviemania’s claim? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q24 to Q26: Anthropologists studying the Hopi people of the southwestern United States often characterize Line Hopi society between 1680 and (5) 1880 as surprisingly stable, con- 23
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sidering that it was a period of diminution in population and pressure from contact with out- side groups, factors that might (10) be expected to cause signifi- cant changes in Hopi social arrangements. The Hopis’ retention of their distinctive sociocultural system (15) has been attributed to the Hopi religious elite’s determined efforts to preserve their religion and way of life, and also to a geographical isolation greater (20) than that of many other Native American groups, an isolation that limited both cultural contact
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Q22 In a certain wildlife park park rangers are able to...

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