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IV. Market Information Function : Wholesalers are quite close to the customers goegraphically and in many cases have continual contact through frequent sales calls on their customers. So they are in a good position to learn about customers product and service requirement, number and type of customers orders and supports required by customers from the company in the form of ineffective merchandise return, after sales service information. They also provide advice and technical support in the case of hightech and industrial goods. V. Product Availability : Probably the most basic marketing function offered by wholesalers to their customers is providing for the ready availability of products which sometimes cover the fabricating operation, assembly and set up of products. There is also the wholesaler s ability to bring together from a variety of manufacturers an assortment of products that can greatly simplify their customer’s ordering tasks. Customers also do not need large quantities. Many manufacturers find it uneconomical to sell directly to small order customers. So wholesalers buy in lot and sell it to small customers by performing bulk-breaking functions. VI. Credit and Finance Function : Wholesaler provide their customer with financial assistance by extending open account credit on products sold, their customers have time to use products in their business before having to pay for them. Second, by stocking and providing ready availability for many of the items needed by their customers wholesalers significantly reduce the financial inventory burden their customers would bear if they had to stock all of the products themselves. 4. ROLE AND FUNCTION OF RETAILERS Retail trade is defined by the Bureau of Census as “all establishments engaged in selling merchandies for personal household consumption and rendering services incident to the sale of such goods”. Retailing includes all activities involved in selling, renting and proving services to ultimate customers for personal, non- business use. They are distinguished from wholesalers by the fact that they sell primarily to ultimate users. Annamalai University
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