Connect D Traceout E Connections Answer AB Question 125 During installation

Connect d traceout e connections answer ab question

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C. Connect D. Traceout E. Connections Answer: AB Question: 125 During installation WebSEAL provides a default certificate key database that is used to authenticate both clients and junctioned servers. Which stanza entry of the WebSEAL configuration file points to the default certificate key database (i.e. kdb file)? A. ssl-keyfile B. jct-cert-keyfile C. webseal-cert-keyfile D. webseal-cert-keyfile-label Answer: C Question: 126 A company has a large number of users who use mobile applications. The company wants to implement context-aware access controls for these resources. Which module of IBM Security Access Manager V9.0 should the company enable to support this requirement? A. Federation module B. Protocol Analysis module C. Mobile Access Control module D. Advanced Access Control module Answer: D Reference: Question: 127 A request for a virtual host junction shows an unexpected source IP address. Which troubleshooting tool can be used to investigate this issue? A. Host File B. Snapshots C. Support Files D. Packet Tracing
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