R E C I P E C A R D Recipe Name Roast Venison Spicy Chocolate Sauce and

R e c i p e c a r d recipe name roast venison spicy

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R E C I P E C A R D Recipe Name: Roast Venison, Spicy Chocolate Sauce and Beetroot Purée Key Ingredient: Key Skills: Preparation Time: Cooking Time: Equipment Needs: Yield: 1 Quantity 600g Venison loin 200g Pork backfat lard (cut into 1cm strips) 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil 10g Butter Beetroot Purée 1ea Fresh Beetroot 1 tbsp Potato Chocolate Sauce 50g Chocolate Dark Bitter (70% cocoa solids) TTT Tabasco sauce (a few drops) TTTl Madeira Ttt Salt, Fresh Ground Black Pepper Method Preparation Steps 1 Cut the fat and lard to the venison and tied it up. 2 Brush the venison with oil 3 Boil water for the chocolate sauce. Once boil remove from heat sit the dark chocolate on top. 4 In a pan, cook the venison loin add butter after achieving the colour and goes in the oven (RARE- MEDIUM RARE (50-52 degrees) 5 Heat the madeira and tobacco and mix with the chocolate. Adjust with water if too thick. 6 Add beef powder to improve the taste. FOR BEETROOT PUREE: Boil the beetroot for 30 minutes and goes in the food processor goes in the strainer and add 1 tbsp of mashed potato and seasoned it. .Reheat before serving it
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