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MGMT 310 DB Week 2

For example zappos offers its new employees an

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optimum level. For example, Zappos offers its new employees an opportunity to collect $2,000 instead of working for them. The reason for this is to weed out the individuals that are just there for the paycheck rather than creating a positive environment (Nayar, 2011). In addition to that, Zappos has employed the philosophy of “Employees First, Customers Second” which enables the workers to be more empowered and allows them to hold more responsibility, making them feel trusted by the company (Nayar, 2011). Similar to Zappos, Google also motivates employees by giving them a voice that is heard by the company. Employees are given free amenities within the Google grounds which include food kiosks, gyms, laundry rooms, and many other perks. The idea of this is to be able to provide anything the employees need so that their personal life would not affect their work. In addition to that, employees are told to spend some of their time working on their own personal projects. This empowers employees to think of new ideas and keeps their creativity flowing. And these projects may even benefit Google if it looks to have potential to be something profitable. Many of the features that Google offers were initially created by their employees on their own time (Black, 2008). By looking at the examples of these two companies in regards to employee empowerment, smaller companies can build from this and create an environment in which the workers feel valued and motivated to work. First, managers could turn to employees to determine which programs need more concentration. This information can come as informal feedback from the
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For example Zappos offers its new employees an opportunity...

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