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Summer tuition and fees are not included in the

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Unformatted text preview: Summer tuition and fees are not included in the estimates. Costs tend to increase slightly from year to year. To help you prepare Fnancially, be aware that bachelorʼs degree programs are generally 4-5 years in length. You and your sponsor must prepare to meet the ongoing costs of your educational and living ex- penses, not only for the Frst 12 months, but for the duration of your studies at EOU. 2012-2013 Academic Year International Undergraduate Costs (USD) International Graduate Costs (USD) Per Term Academic Year Per Term Academic Year Tuition and ¡ees $3,930.00 $11,790.00 $5,250.50 $15,750.50 Room and Board (Alikut Hall) $2,901.00 $ 8,703.00 $2,901.00 $ 8,703.00 Books and Supplies (May vary) $ 450.00 $ 1,350.00 $ 450.00 $ 1,350.00 Health Insurance (Required) $ 460.00 $ 1,380.00 $ 460.00 $ 1,380.00 Personal Expenses 1 $ 500.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 500.00 $ 1,500.00 Total Estimated $8,241.00 $24,723.00 $9,561.50 $28,683.50 1 Personal expenses will vary and are not paid directly to EOU Additional evidence of funding will need to be shown if you bring a spouse and/or dependents with you to the U.S. Estimates are based on 12 months of livingexpenses including health insurance: $6,600 for the Frst dependent and $4,600 for each additional dependent....
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