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Impetuosity of his heart let him be equalheidel 18

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impetuosity of his heart let him be equal(Heidel 18)”, Enkidu’s companionship made him more whole as a person Enkidu was the perfect match because he was created especially for Gilgamesh by the gods. There was no one in Uruk that was as similar to Gilgamesh in strength or physical appearance or sense of adventure. Their vast similarities made it almost impossible for them to not take interest in one another. ”Let them strive with each other and let Uruk thus have rest Heidel 18)” Enkidu’s life and death had a great impact to that of Gilgamesh’s journey. The death of Enkidu was the true turning point in Gilgamesh’s journey to immortality. Before the passing of his beloved counterpart, Gilgamesh cared only for self gratification. Seeing Enkidu have his soul ripped from his body and then watching his emails deteriorate in useless hopes of his resurrection took a great toll on him and his mind. It is the first time that the idea of death actually hits him and causes him to ask “When I die, shall I not be like Enkidu?(Heidel 64)”. This propels his quest for self existence and eternal life that answers to no god. Monkey’s journey to immortality begins early in his existence.
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