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Faith he is posted hence on serious matter it was

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“Faith, he is posted hence on serious matter. It was great ignorance, Gloucester’s eyes being out, To let him live. Where he arrives he moves All hearts against us. Edmund I think Pg 193 (Q) Why does Regan believe that Gloucester is encouraging people to fight against Britain on his way to Dover? Regan is concerned of where Edmund has gone because she cares for him but she believes that he went to kill Gloucester and identify the size
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is gone In pity of his misery to dispatch His nighted life; moreover to descry The strength o' th' enemy. of the army. Does Regan seriously believe that Edmund rushed away to kill his father? Or does she know that Edmund and Goneril have a thing for each other? “My lord is dead. Edmund and I have talked, And more convenient is he for my hand Than for your lady’s. You may gather more. If you do find him, pray you give him this. And when your mistress hears thus much from you, I pray desire her call her wisdom to her. So fare you well. If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor, Preferment falls on him that cuts him off.” Pg 195 (E) Regan shows her jealousy towards her sister because she knows Goneril sent Edmund a letter and ask Oswald to let her see the letter. Regan then goes on to explain how she is best fit for Edmund since her husband has died and she has talked to him and it makes sense for them to be together. Shakespeare creates a conflict between the two sisters because they both have feelings for Edmund which also creates suspense because in the beginning both sisters were on the same side but now they are turning against each other for their love to Edmund. Regan also despises her sister now because she’s still married to Albany but is trying to marry Edmund at the same time. “Hadst thou been aught but gossamer, feathers, air, So many fathom down precipitating, Thou’dst shivered like an egg. But thou dost breathe, Hast heavy substance, bleed’st not, speak’st, art sound. Ten masts at each make not the altitude Which thou hast perpendicularly fell. Thy life’s a miracle. Speak yet again.” Pg 199 (CL) In a way Edgar is playing with Gloucester because he is telling him that he is on an edge of cliff, when he really isn’t, but Gloucester doesn’t know because he is blind. Edgar tests him to see if he would truly kill himself if he was actually on the edge. Edgar then observes that Gloucester has a strong mind because if he believed he was on a cliff and jumped off, his imagination did not kill him since he was willing to die. Edgar is still unsure whether or not he should reveal himself to Gloucester so he is just observing him. Edgar is clever enough because after Gloucester has fallen he pretends to be himself and pretends that Gloucester actually survived the fall “The king is mad. How stiff is my vile sense, That I stand up and have ingenious Pg 215 (C) Gloucester envies the King because he knows that the king is already insane so he does not feel his
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feeling Of my huge sorrows. Better I were distract—
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