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1 freedom of choice decision 2 ultimate control

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1) freedom of choice / decision 2) ultimate control inherent, does not exist Libertarianism The Indeterminist Condition The agent should be able to act and act otherwise (choose different possible futures), given the same past circumstances and laws of nature. Libertarian Dilemma Free will does not seem to be compatible with either (1) determinism or (2) indeterminism It seems incompatible with determinism because our actions (and also our desires or beliefs that cause our actions) are ultimately necessary consequences of events beyond our control.
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It seems also incompatible with indeterminism, because if indeterminism means that there are events that happen without a cause, then they happen merely by chance. But how can such events be free and responsible? Lebniz: the past inclines us one way all inclines you to do X Y Campbell’s Introspection 1) If an agent freely choose to do X, then it must be the case that, given exactly the same beliefs, desires, motives, etc., he “could have done otherwise,” that is, could have chosen not to X. 2) If determinism is true, then it is never the case that one could have done otherwise in this sense. 3) If determinism is true, it is never the case that one freely chooses to do X. 4) But we do freely choose. Therefore, C) Determinism is false. 2 senses of “could have done otherwise” a) Hypothetical (Hume’s if one wanted to) b) Categorical Chisholm: Agent Causation Free action: neither be caused by prior events or uncaused. 3 rd option: caused not by an event, but by an agent Transeunt vs. Immanent causation Agent – Immanent Event causation – Transeunt Pages 303 – 312: What is compatibility? To say that two propositions are compatible is to say that the truth of one wouldn’t rule out the truth of the other Incompatibility means conflict; if one proposition were true, the other would have to be false Incompatibilism is a thesis about the problem of free will Asserts that if determinism is true, then we aren’t free (hard determinism)
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