40 1 2 2 gas for effusion of Rate 1 gas for effusion of Rate M M Exercise If I

40 1 2 2 gas for effusion of rate 1 gas for effusion

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40 1 2 2 gas for effusion of Rate 1 gas for effusion of Rate M M
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Exercise If I were to simultaneously release gas samples of Ar and Ne at the front of the room, which would be detected at the rear of the room first? 1.Ne 2.Ar 3.They would arrive at the same time. 41
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Similarly, Ne effuses more rapidly than Ar. 42
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Real Gases We must correct for non-ideal gas behavior when: Pressure of the gas is high. Temperature is low. Under these conditions: Concentration of gas particles is high. Attractive forces become important. 43
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Plots of PV/nRT Versus P for Several Gases (200 K) The significant deviations from ideal behavior (PV/nRT = 1 under all conditions). The real gases behavior, PV/nRT is close to 1 or ideal only at low pressure (less than 1 atm). 44
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Plots of PV/nRT Versus P for Nitrogen Gas at Three Temperatures Although nonideal behavior is evident in each temperature, the deviations are smaller at the higher temperatures. The behavior of the gas appears to become more nearly ideal as the temperature is increased. 45
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Conclusion drawn from these figures is that a real gas typically exhibits behavior that is closest to ideal behavior at low pressures and high temperatures . 46
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