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SBP Islamic Banking Bulletin, July-Sep 2007

Economic growth can either be broad based in which

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“Economic growth can either be broad based in which the benefits are shared widely and particularly by bot- tom quintile of the population or highly skewed where the benefits accrue disproportionately to a small elite group of society. The capitalism was the predominant economic model which relies on private property rights of the day that has made impressive strides in improv- ing the living standards of the nations across the world,” he remarked. “But capitalist model fails in equi- table distribution of income or benefits from growth,” Dr Hussain underscored. Page 14 Local News
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July-September 2007 FWU Group and Pak-Qatar Family Takaful sign agreement to jointly provide Takaful products over bank counters in Pakistan http://www.ameinfo.com/139166.html The agreement was signed by Mr. Izzat Rasheed who is the vice chairman of the board of Pak-Qatar Family Takaful and FWU's CEO Dr. Manfred J. Dirrheimer. This agreement will bring together the strengths of both of these professional and client focused organiza- tions. FWU will be providing its technology solution, product expertise and global experience in distribution of Takaful products via banking channels. Pak-Qatar will be putting forward its financial strength, its excel- lent network of relationships, a highly experienced and pro fess iona l team and immacu la te leve ls o f serv ice . Through this relationship Individual Family Takaful products will be available across the counter at a large, and expanding, number of branches throughout Paki- stan. Customers will be able to complete all formalities and get their response during their single visit to the bank branch. All claims and other requests will be han- dled in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. On top of all this the products are completely halal and so no one will have to compromise on their faith in order to take advantage of the best of what is available for financial protection. This synergy will bring the greatest benefits to the people of Pakistan who will now be able to avail the best in Shariah compliant fi- nancial products. The FWU Group is a Munich based organization which specializes in international bancata- kaful, Shariah compliant investments and web based point of sale and administration systems. It is working across the globe with many banks and Takaful product partners to bring value added Takaful products within easy reach to a much larger number of consumers. It was also the 2007 winner of the Euromoney Islamic Finance Award for Best Takaful Provider. Page 15
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Economic growth can either be broad based in which the...

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