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Interesting how bronson added pointillism to this art

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interesting how Bronson added pointillism to this art piece, I feel like it makes the colors more vibrant. Which is weird that Bronson would want to make this art piece more brighter since the subject is about Partz’s death. Normally artist associate death with dark colors, but Bronson ignored the usual gloomy impression artist use for subjects containing death. I think Bronson made the death of Partz’s appear to be a happy death; which maybe it was since Partz was no longer in pain. When viewing this art piece, you feel more visual weight on your left side because there is asymmetrical balance with Partz’s body, pillows, blanket, and miscellaneous objects all being on one side. You also feel a sense of unity when viewing this art piece since Partz’s bedsheets and pillowcases chave a consistency of color which pulls this art piece together. I feel that A.A. Bronson was trying to show his audience the affect of being HIV-positive and have AIDS. I believe he wanted to raise awareness in his audience about the outcome of being HIV-positive and having AIDS. Bronson lost not only one of his friends, but two of his friends to Ibrahim 2
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the infectious virus, and he is passing his loss onto the viewers of this art piece. He wants the audience to realize that being HIV-positive and having AIDS is not a joking matter, it is serious. To go through the symptoms of this illness, or watch someone close to you go through the
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interesting how Bronson added pointillism to this art piece...

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