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This article analyzes the scripture of 1 corinthians

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This article analyzes the scripture of 1 Corinthians 6:12-7:16 in which Paul discusses sexual immorality and marriage. The author makes several good points such as the general lack of information on more specific sexual values and aspects of sex and marriage that many have disputes over even today. Even Jesus didn’t have much to say about certain sex topics, like abortion, reproduction, etc. Therefore, much of what Christians get from the Bible about those topics must be interpreted from what little information they are given. I agree with the author in that there are not many discussions on specific sexual issues that can be found explicitly stated in the Bible. That makes it hard for people to get a sense of what is actually acceptable and what the Bible, and God ultimately have to say about sex. By interpreting the texts available, people can begin to make generalizations and come to their own conclusions but to make a statement about what the Bible is saying by using your own viewpoints and knowledge about that certain subject is difficult. In this article, the author channels Paul and what we know of Paul to help make better conclusions about the scripture. Source 2: Carr, David McLain. "Gender And The Shaping Of Desire In The Song Of Songs And Its Interpretation." Journal Of Biblical Literature 119.2 (2000): 233-248. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials . Web. 2 Apr. 2013. This source gives a very detailed interpretation of the Song of Songs. It delves into the possibilities in the meaning of the text as well as the historical relevance to some of the ideas in the text. It questions the spiritual versus the physical implications of the scripture, which is something that I am also trying to infer through my own interpretations of this same text, so it is very helpful that I can get another viewpoint to help further develop my own idea. One of the concluding points the author makes after his complete analysis is that there are no concrete allusions that can be seen or made that the text has a more spiritual or symbolic meaning t than
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what is shown plainly in the given text. Another point the Author made was about the gender
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