Teachers are encouraged to design their lessons in

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Teachers are encouraged to design their lessons in such a way that suitable questions and activities are incorporated in order to develop various types and levels of thinking in students, including analysis, evaluation, critical thinking and creative thinking. Generally speaking, student-centred and interactive approaches are useful in providing suitable learning experiences for stimulating and developing higher level thinking and are highly recommended. Teachers may consider to adopt a variety of strategies from the following spectrum which ranges from very teacher-centred methods to very student-centred methods. Teacher-centred methods Student-centred Self Study Lecture Demonstration Tell a story Video show Whole-class discussion Role Play Small group discussion Visit Project work Library search Investigation Practical work Spectrum of Teaching Methods Teachers should choose appropriate teaching methods in accordance with the topic/skill to be taught as well as the interest and abilities of their students. The following are some factors to be considered when deciding on the teaching method for a particular topic: y learning objectives to be achieved; y ability of students; y subject matter; y availability of resources; and y amount of time available.
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