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Scholarly articles cannot be older than 5 years

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Scholarly articles cannot be older than 5 years Scholarly articles are related to Course Project topic of their assigned learning team Title Page 10 Includes Title page: 1) Title page conforms to requirements and includes: Running head Students names Course number and name 2) Manuscript page header conforms to APA requirements and running head is placed on each page Body of Assignment Format (APA) 30 Submits assignment in APA format. Document requirements: 1. Times Roman 12-point font used (5 points) 2. Document double-spaced throughout (5 points) 3. Margins at least 1 inch on all sides (5 points) 4. No bold type used for emphasis (5 points) 5. Italics used instead of underlining (5 points) 6. Reference are cited appropriately (5 points) Annotated Bib 20 each 200 pts total Annotated Bibliography on ten selected scholarly articles. Includes: Properly formatted reference of each article Paraphrases summary of the article(s) Is at least 200-300 words Grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate Reference Page 20 Includes Reference page listing selected scholarly articles (2 points for each reference): References in correct alphabetical order with author’s initials Electronic references properly cited and formatted Format of references conforms to APA requirements References are in the correct font size References are in correct font style (Times New Roman) Participation 120 Participation grades will be awarded using the individual student’s posts from the Team Project discussion board and the team leader’s feedback. 1. Student submitted their work to the team by the predetermined date (20 points). 2. Student submitted the required # of annotated bibliographies (20 points). 3. Articles where in APA format and at least 200-300 words (20 points). 4. Student was very active in the group and involved in editing the final product (20 points). 5. Student submitted high quality work. Presents information using clear and logical language. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate. (20 points) 6. Met participation requirements (20 points). Total 400 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the criteria requirements.
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What is a Scholarly Article? In any course you take, professors are going to ask you to find scholarly articles for various papers and projects. One way to assess whether an article is scholarly is if it: Comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication (e.g., journals, government reports such as FDA, CDC). Contains references for sources cited so they show where their information is obtained. Written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s), and is no more than 5 years old. Most nursing, science, and social science journals meet these criteria. If an article seems too simplistic or is a brief summary, look for other references. Don’t stop the hunt for your information. Newspaper articles and lay person literature (Readers Digest, Healthy Life Magazine, Food and Fitness) can be sources for background about your topic for a project, but are not considered scholarly.
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Scholarly articles cannot be older than 5 years Scholarly...

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