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A this market is closer to where i live q do you go

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Unformatted text preview: A: This market is closer to where I live Q: Do you go to other markets too? A: Yes at times I do go to other markets if a need arises. But I usually buy my weekly shopping from here only Q: Is it a necessity for you to come here or for entertainment? A: I would say its both. Q: Right now, who have you come with? A: Right now I’ve come here with my family Q: Have they visited this market before? A: No this is their first visit Q: How do they like this place? A: They like it.. We have just come here and have just started shopping Q: Do you go towards the grocery side too? A: Yes I do Q: Do you bargain over there? A: Yes Q: Do you know that there is a rate sheet there? A: Yes…but they do it.. If you buy a lot of things, they do give concession. Q: Do you go towards both sides of the market, that is second hand and brand new? A: Yes I do Q: In your opinion, is there a scope for bargaining on both sides? A: It is present on both sides. They keep their own margin so that they are in profit Q: Do you think there is a scope for bargaining in this market, since it is located in one of the posh areas of Karachi? A: Yes I believe there is…It entirely depends on you (customer). If you want to bargain and you know there is a possibility here then it is possible here too 118 Q: and how do you start your conversation with a retailer when you want to buy an item? A: I firstly ask for the price, and then I finalize everything with him. After I know the overall price, I try to reduce that Q: What if the retailer doesn’t agree? What do you do then? A: I leave the shop and move on but they then call me back Q: And do they always do that? How would you feel if they don’t do that? A: No I know they will call me back Q: Do you talk softly or harshly when you bargain? A: I always bargain in a good way Q: In your opinion, do you think it makes a difference if you talk to the retailers softly? A: Yes a lot! Q: According to you, what are the qualities of a good bargainer? A: He should have the sense to shop and know about the product he is buying. If he has the idea, he can do it. Q: Do you consider yourself as a good bargainer? A: Definitely. Q: Do people around you consider you as a good bargainer? A: Yes... They know me, the shopkeepers know me now Q: Do females bargain more or men? A: Females Q: Why do you say so? A: because they shop a lot more Q: Is it that they have better market knowledge or is it the fact that they like arguing more? A: No no! it is because of their market knowledge. They have more knowledge as compared to males Q: Do you think males bargain? A: Rarely... Even if they do it, they can never do it as much as females Q: Is building a relationship with the retailer important for a transaction to be successful?...
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A This market is closer to where I live Q Do you go to...

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