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Connecting people through social networking sites is

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Connecting people through social networking sites is important, but social networking goes beyond maintaining friendships. Social networking serves as a communication tool that can keep up with political and legal issues as well.
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Political and Legal Influences (Brandon) Social networking sites have evolved over the years from friends connecting to one another to campaign tools for politicians and caused many legal cases. The amount of social networking sites have increased as well as the number of people who use them. Politics and Social Networking Politicians over the years have always used the newest technologies to get their faces and views out to the public. In the past couple of years politicians have started using numerous social networking sites, Facebook being one of them. Politicians not only advertise on the web site, but they also have their own profiles which you can add as a friend. An example of this can be found on Facebook by typing in the name of a politician or candidate in the search bar. These pages allow politician’s campaign crews to add updates, share the politician’s views, add pictures, and add videos. Another way that Facebook favors politicians is because the users themselves can post about politics on their profiles. People can post pictures, videos, and their own views which they can be seen by their friends. This can be done by friends posting on each other’s profiles as well; this can cause a debate on a certain politician or election. This is one aspect I found very interesting because in a way people are working for the politician. Facebook is not the only social networking site that politicians use. Twitter has become another tool for politicians. People can follow any politician who has an account. The politician can post their thoughts on a topic or simply say they just left a senate meeting. Some
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may say that politicians should not use these sites because it can be considered unprofessional for a politician to use, I however disagree. With these sites politicians are communicating more to the public. One tool that is not considered entirely in the social networking area is XBOX Live and the PlayStation network. These gaming networks which can lead to socialization amongst gamers have also become a tool for politicians in the current presidential debate. On the XBOX Lives main page there are ads for President Obama as well as Mitt Romney. This is a really good idea from a politician’s point of view. Politicians always try and bring in the younger voters and these two platforms are great ways to get their name and views out there. More and more young voters play online games and use a social networking site. It makes sense that politicians would choose these platforms to try and grab their votes. Not only are politicians placing campaign ads on XBOX live but XBOX has created an election channel that keeps XBOX live members updated on the elections status. One feature they added was the ability for live polling
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Connecting people through social networking sites is...

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