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He also has the characteristics that people admire in

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a coaching job. He also has the characteristics that people admire in leaders, like being honest, inspiring and competent at his job. He uses the directive behavior style more that supportive behavior as he mostly delegates the roles to the players of the team. Knight is also not the type of person to sugar coat or skirt around issues. He gets straight to the point and is very honest as shown by his willingness to admit when he makes a mistake. Another example is found in his policy of not allowing his players to slack off. If the player is obviously talented but doesn’t put his fair share of work in, there are immediate consequences. He doesn’t play favorites, because he is equally demanding of the whole team. Knight also was raised to be a perfectionist and hates to lose, which is reflected in his leadership style. He does have a supportive side to his leadership, which is shown by how much he helped a player who had been paralyzed because of an accident. This shows that while he sets high expectations for his players, he also cares for them as well. Analysis of Coach Knight’s Leadership It is clear that Coach Knight’s leadership style has many faces, which means that there are a lot of opinions about whether or not he is a good coach and leader. That is why he is so controversial. While he behaves very strictly to his players, it seems that his methods do amount to some success. Setting high standards for his players, led to a higher performance of those players, which proves the Pygmalion effect. As a leader, Coach Knight was very effective in bringing his team to victory time and time again.
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