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If you need assistance, send an email to [email protected] . Include the room number and brief description of the problem. W ARM UP It is useful to have an organized problem-solving strategy such as the one outlined in the following questions. 1. Draw a fairly large sketch, showing a convex lens and a source of light with an easily identified top and bottom. Label the lens's focal points, and position the source so that an image will be created, which could be projected on a screen. 2. Determine the position of the image, by sketching the paths of rays from the top of the light source and the bottom of the light source. Indicate the position of the image in your sketch. Where should you position the screen in order to see the image? How many rays are needed to determine the position of the image? 3. Repeat the steps above with a lens of the same focal length, but with the light source farther away from the lens. Has the image moved closer to or farther from the lens? 15
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