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Reading 802 Fall 11 HW assign 4

As “but he doesn’t dig me all he digs is the mini

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Unformatted text preview: as “but he doesn’t dig me, all he digs is the mini, he doesn’t dig the maxi ” I’ve got a date and I just can’t wait…..’cause I’m goin’ out with the Boy From Ipanema……. I had a ball with that man, that tall tan handsome man from Ipanema” as well as “Ahhh Senor por favor give me one chance, just one chance….” The fast bossa/ swing feel of it also is responsible for how she phrases and the way in which she phrases. The rhythm, for the most part stays true to the original version aside from it being faster than usual however she embellishes in certain places such as adding a rest right before the word “Ahhh” as well as breaking it up into different notes in other takes. She also takes liberties with the melody through choosing notes that are higher in range that are unexpected. The band also helps in their changing in feels when later on in the tune she does her own medley of “Fly Me To The Moon” as well as a few others that I did not recognize. The rhythm section’s timing on when they did hits was also very helpful to the recording. The bassist was very influential in distinguishing the feel, and stands out more than the piano. Her other embellishments include the adding her signature scat syllables and sounds to the recording. All in all, the recording does an excellent job of being a very fun and inviting dance interpretation on a classic slow bossa....
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as “but he doesn’t dig me all he digs is the mini he...

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