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Bernarda understands that because of pepe her family

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her family. Bernarda understands that because of Pepe her family is being destroyed. Her ability to ignore the consequences of her actions gives the reader a glimpse of a possible soft side to Bernarda. However, one may not believe she has truly changed. Yes, she attempted to remove Pepe from the world because he caused pain in her family, but had Bernarda not been completely absorbed by her fear of gossip the incident with Pepe could have been avoided. Had the Alba daughters been given the opportunity to leave the house and meet other men, it would be far less likely that more than one of them would fall in love with the same one. Regardless of the fact that Bernarda made the mistake of shooting at Pepe, which will result in gossip, she will most likely treat the death of her daughter much like the death of her husband and go right back to her original, controlling ways. She will focus on how the public will perceive her and her household during the funeral rather than truly celebrate the life her daughter lived. “The play ends, of course, with still another tolling of bells, to be succeeded no doubt by the initial lavish display of the church’s pomp and circumstance, this time, however, to commemorate the tragic death of Adela rather than coming to the defense of the living and spiritually ailing” (Poeta). Even after the horrible death of her daughter, Bernarda will not be able to ignore the constant judgment and gossip of others. She will proudly complete all of the tasks necessary for the funeral as a 6
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means of showing society that she is perfect. Bernarda’s inability to ignore gossip and judgment will ultimately lead to the demise of her entire family. Throughout both works, “The Queen of Spades” and The House of Bernarda Alba , the reader is exposed to many characters that allow gossip and the desire to please others to completely control their lives. In all cases, these actions lead to a negative out come for the character. Hermann became completely defeated when his card was not the one the Countess told him it would be. Because he focused all of his energy on this one facet of life, he was unable to move on from this moment. Similarly, Bernarda’s ignorance of the true importance of family lead to the loss of hers. Her inability to ignore gossip kept her from truly caring for her family members. Gossip has the ability to make people act out of character or become so focused on an end result that nothing else in life matters. Works Cited 7
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