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The order-to-cash process of your favorite online bookstore has ten major activities conducted by ten people with five different roles. How much time do you approximately need for creating a process model that is validated by the various stakeholders and approved by the process owner? Consider two scenarios: one in which you run interviews, the other in which you run workshops. You may also use other discovery methods in these two scenarios, in addition to either inter- views or workshops. Can you estimate the difference in time effort between the two scenarios? Make appropriate assumptions. Exercise 5.6
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Contents 1. The Setting of Process Discovery 2. Process Discovery Methods 3. Process Modeling Method 4. Process Model Quality Assurance 5. Recap Chapter 5: Process Discovery
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Stepwise method to conduct the modeling 1. Identify the process boundaries 2. Identify activities and events 3. Identify resources and their handovers 4. Identify the control flow 5. Identify additional elements (e.g. data objects, different types of events, exception handling…) 41
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1. Identify the process boundaries What are the process triggers? What are the possible outcomes (positive/negative)? Which perspective do we assume? What artifacts are required as input and output to the process? Purchase order received Positive outcome: order fulfilled Negative outcome: order rejected Seller Input: Purchase order Output: Invoice, Shipment notice
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Identify the process boundaries for the procure-to-pay process de- scribed in Exercise 1.7 of Chapter 1 (page 30). Exercise 5.7
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2. Identify activities and events 44
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