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Thats what leads to revenues according to 61 of

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That’s what leads to revenues. According to 61% of marketers surveyed by BtoB Magazine recently, contribution to revenues is the #1 metric that marketers are focused on improving.Market2Lead (prior to acquisition by Oracle) analyzed internal data to report that nurtured leads have an average deal size 9% higher, with a 23% shorter time to purchase. But perhaps one of the most important behaviors that evidences the eFect of mindshare on momentum is the increase in sales call acceptance by leads who have been nurtured with relevant content. Sales Engine International partnered with ebQuickstart to run an experiment on the eFectiveness of lead nurturing in relation to sales calls. They were able to validate a 9X improvement to call receptiveness for leads who had repeatedly responded to email content oFers in comparison to the results of cold calls to those who’d not received the emails. Today’s buyers have changed. Marketing approaches must shift as well—including our objectives. From One-way Communications to Two-way Conversations This shift in marketing skills highlights the diFerence between static and dynamic communications. Static—also known as push—is self-focused, without the intention to establish a dialogue. Dynamic communications are interactive. A conversational intent creates the force and power to drive funnel momentum. To achieve two-way conversations, marketers need to give up the outdated idea that they have control over the message. In the digital world, companies that won’t enable their prospective buyers to interact with them on their terms will lose to competitors who will. Think of it this way: would you rather have someone speaking at you, blathering on about their opinion without respect for yours, or would you prefer to be involved in an exchange of ideas? The latter is more appealing, obviously. Buyer knowledge will help marketers increase their comfort zone for “letting go.” The better you know them, the more relevant you can be. This knowledge also serves to prepare marketers to react appropriately when buyers decide to respond. It’s just good common sense that the better we know people, the easier it is to engage them. With a strategic plan, marketers can not only engage in conversations more easily with their prospects and customers, but they can design interactive exchanges to gain actionable insights used to extend attention and encourage prospects to take next steps. Marketing across a complex sale is an iterative process that develops one step at a time with an increasing number of people involved.
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It’s also interesting to note that the research into buyers done by DemandGen found that the majority of buyers are not following a traditional buying process. This being said, the report also found that 66% of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organizations” is a key inFuence in choosing a solution
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Thats what leads to revenues According to 61 of marketers...

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