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HC 491 Week 3 Article Summary

There was a lot of information on how to estimate the

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thought they would follow the same guidelines. There was a lot of information on how to estimate the capital and the effects of the systems financial structure. I thought that the information provided could be used in the everyday planning of a health care organization and I do not understand why more people do not just follow these suggestions. It seems to me that these organizations have no reason to be lacking in the quality of care or the financial sectors with the information being provided for them. Maybe these health care organizations and physicians/managers are just set in their ways and do not want to change and this is disappointing. It is a shame because the article stated that the health systems play a big part in the rise in life expectancy or decline depending on whether or not they are a quality system or not.
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My analysis for the article and how it demonstrates a correlation between what we have been discussing in class is very similar. I would not say the article is totally new information because we have learned a lot about health care management and most of the areas we have already covered so far. I did feel the article was easier to read and understand only because it was not as in detail and kept straight to the point about what the issues were and ways to fix them. I feel
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