Is this a false assumption if it is then there is a

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Is this a false assumption? If it is, then there is a dilemma:
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1) If we assume it when we deliberate (knowing it is false) we are theoretically irrational. We could still be practically rational. 2) If we do not assume it, then we cannot deliberate. We would be practically irrational, although rational theoretically. What should I do if I want to have a good life? Go to college UF or FSU Open a frozen banana stand GNV or JAX The way out: at the moment we decide we do not need to assume that more than one choice is causally possible. They are determined by my desires, deliberation and choice. BUT in addition I cannot know in advance which action I will choose. This warrants that deliberation is theoretically clean. “Hard determinism rules out one’s ever deserving blame for deliberately choosing to act wrongly, for such choices are always produced by processes that are beyond one’s control.” If we cannot blame or praise people, then (unless we are to be theoretically irrational) we can still practice moral admonishments and encouragements. If we ever praise, it can be only in order to express our approbation. Blame should never be practiced. What about moral principles?
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Is this a false assumption If it is then there is a dilemma...

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