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A julie sometimes cannot see the moon all night even

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a. Julie sometimes cannot see the moon all night even though the sky is clear. b. Anne, Julie’s older sister, thinks the phases of the moon are caused by the moon’s position in its orbit around the Earth. 5. When describing scientific evidence, what is the meaning of the word “repeatable”? 6. Which of the following is an example of learning through inquiry? a. Miguel is told that hot objects, like a cup of coffee, cool off when left on the table in a cooler room. b. Enrique wonders what happens to hot objects if you remove them from the stove. He puts a thermometer in a cup of hot coffee and observes that the coffee cools off. Keep your eyes and ears open to the world A great many discoveries were made almost by accident! For example, paper used to be made of cotton or linen. Both of these are plant fibers and are very expensive. Many inventors searched for a better and less expensive way to make paper. In 1719 French scientist and inventor Rene de Reaumer was walking in the woods when he noticed that wasp nests were made from something a lot like paper! How did the wasps do it? Reaumer discovered that the wasps used wood fibers to make paper. Reaumer began experimenting with a way to make paper from wood, like the wasps. It was trickier than he realized and it was not until 1840 that Friedrich Keller made the first all wood paper. However, Reaumer’s curiosity and alert eyes lead directly to the modern, wood-based paper we use today.
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